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Delaying the Grade + Reflection + Rubrics

I’ve already written about how I hope to change my grading structure this year.  In addition to using highlighter error codes and a separate grade for computation, I am going to try using rubrics to grade and provide feedback on my cumulative exams (no more unit tests for me!).  I hadn’t really thought about how I wanted to use rubrics until I came across this blog post by Jennifer Gonzalez (@cultofpedagogy).  And once I saw her structure, I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to do.

With the format she suggests, I can incorporate practices that I feel are important to effective grading and feedback:

  • It delays the grade so students can focus on the feedback.
  • It provides a structure for students to analyze their own work.
  • It provides a structure for students to reflect on their own work.
  • It fosters a growth mindset.
  • It helps me identify what concepts each student needs to work on.

Here’s how I plan to use the rubrics:

  1. I will mark the exam with highlighters and score the exam using my own version of the rubric (pretty much the same as the student version, without the instructions for completing the rubric and the reflection questions at the end).
  2. I will return the highlighted exam but keep the completed rubric.
  3. Students will complete their own rubric and answer the reflection questions.
  4. I will conference with each student by comparing their completed rubric with my rubric.  Together, we will implement their plan for making progress in the area they identified for improvement.

My class sizes are small, so I should be able to make this happen.  I’m also fortunate to have an intervention block each day to meet with students if we don’t have time in class for the conferencing.  I am hopeful that this new system will make the grading process more transparent for students and the feedback process more effective.

rubric frontrubric back

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