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Hybrid Warmups

I wanted to try a new warmup structure this year – calling on the likes of Lisa Bejarano and Elissa Miller.  I saw the value in building my students’ problem-solving and number-sense skills, and I wanted to incorporate many of these routines in my classroom. But my first few attempts at using these warmup routines didn’t work. It was very different than how I began my class for the previous 7 years. And with the many, many other changes happening this school year (some in my control, others not in my control), I realized this was one change I couldn’t commit to.

But that didn’t change the value I saw in using these routines. I still wanted to find a way to incorporate them in my classroom. So what I decided on is a sort of hybrid warmup.  I will modify my previous warmup structure of using review material from the previous lesson, but I will reduce the number of problems from three to two, and I will set a time limit (our class time has been reduced by over 50% this year, so class time is more valuable than ever).  I will call these the “10-2” warmups; 10 minutes to complete 2 problems. In addition, I will also include “I’m Done” warmups, that are to be completed either a) after students finish their “10-2” warmups or b) any other time their work is completed in class. My plan is to have students complete these warmups at home if they do not have time in class to do so. I want students to know that these warmups are not optional.


I tried to select routines that students could complete on their own. I plan to introduce the routines as they appear on the warmup sheets and have an example for students to refer to in the classroom. Here are the examples I’ve put together for the routines I will use at the beginning of the year; I’m sure I will be adding more as we move through the Algebra curriculum. But this seemed like a good start (click on the picture for a link to file).



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